I enjoy speaking to a variety of audiences about open source, data science, machine learning, data visualization, and programming in R.

Here’s a list of selected past and upcoming presentations:


A Data Odyssey: Open Source AI’s Transformation of the Insurance Industry and Getting Started with R and Docker for Reproducibility and Production, O’Reilly OSCON, July 2019.

Data Visualization with R Shiny, ODSC East, April 2019.

NASA Datanauts – How to Get Involved with NASA’s Open Science, OC R Users Group, April 2019.

Data Storytelling: From Insight to Action, Women in Analytics Conference, April 2019.

Career Discovery Series – Data Science Career Panel, UC Irvine Division of Career Pathways, February 2019.

Happy Shiny New Year – Introduction to R Shiny, R-Ladies Irvine, January 2019. [Materials]

Rotaract Alumni Career Panel, Rotaract of UC Irvine, January 2019.


Telling Meaningful Stories with Data, OC R Users Group, November 2018. [Slides]

Digital Analytics and Insights, UC Irvine M.S. Business Analytics Guest Lecture, November 2018. [Slides]

R Markdown and Data Visualization with ggplot2, R-Ladies Irvine, November 2018. [Materials]

Data Storytelling and Visualization, Pacific Life, October 2018.

Introduction to R, R-Ladies Irvine, October 2018. [Materials]

Telling Meaningful Stories with Data, Big Data Day LA, August 2018. [Slides]

You Can Be a Scientist Too! Citizen and Data Science at NASA, Girl Scout Council of Orange County, July 2018. [Slides]

Data Visualization with R Shiny, O’Reilly OSCON, July 2018. [Materials]

Navigating the Tidyverse: ggplot2, R-Ladies Irvine, June 2018. [Materials]

Machine Learning Techniques for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Models, UROP Symposium, May 2018.

NASA Data Science for Space Research and Exploration, Anteater Mathematics Club, May 2018. [Slides]

Statistical Modelling of Breast Cancer Risk for Greater Predictive Accuracy, SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification, April 2018.

My Research in Mathematics, Anteater Mathematics Club, February 2018. [Slides]

Probabilistic Models, Machine Learning, and the Future of Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 2018.


Breast Cancer Risk Assessment in a Multiethnic Patient Population, San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, December 2017.

Comparison of Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Models for a Multiethnic Patient Population, Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference, October 2017.

Comparison of Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Models for a Multiethnic Patient Population, UROP Symposium, May 2017.

If you would like to invite me to speak, please get in touch.